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Petra Vitez

Zsuzsi Szilágyi - somato-play instructor logo and website

Your body tells a story...

A self improvement play group where the connection between your body’s messages and your psyche is gonna be your tool of self improvement.

The target group were mostly 30-50 years old women living in cities. 

I wanted to visualize the oneness of humans and the world around us, in a soft tone, with light brush strokes, as looking after our body and mind can be an art form.

The japanese enso symbol in itself symbolizes oneness, and I combined it with a relaxed head laying back, that can also be seen as hills and mountains, the hair as rivers. A smaller circle represents the sun, and together with the larger circle, the likeness between the components and the whole. The four elements are present too: earth (the hills), air (the sky), water (the rivers), fire (the sun). 


Zsuzsi Szilágyi


  • Logo design 
  • Business card design
  • Bifold pamphlet layout
  • Webdesign