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Petra Vitez

Giving back

It’s true what they say, that nobody can change the world, but everybody can help to make it better. With whatever skills you have, you can probably help the cause that’s most important for you. If you really think about what you can do for others, or if you have items that you don’t need any more but would be useful for others, you realize that helping others is relatively easy. Eg. with some time and a car, anyone can transport animals to shelters or to their new homes, there’s always a great need for that. Or if you have old towels or blankets, plenty of associations welcome those. And the feeling you get from helping compensates you for your efforts. 

I always had a deep love and fascination for animals. As a junior graphic designer I figured I could make a website for the local shelter, and with photos and heartfelt descriptions, the dogs would have better opportunities to find forever homes. Later on I volunteered for many more pet shelters, and I still work for some.

Futrinka Association

I worked as a volunteer graphic designer between 2010–2013 for Futrinka Association, who are devoted to give a chance and save dogs who are difficult to get adopted, and on the side, they rescue abandoned dogs of popular breeds like vizsla, dachshund and great dane. With merch and campaigns we doubled their income in the 3 years of working together. 

Hangya Society

Then worked with Hangya Society in 2013-2014. A Hangya Közösség/Society (hangya means ant in Hungarian) work as a big community throrough Hungary to gather blankets and other household items and distribute the donation to various kinds of organizations in need. 


In 2013 I founded VegaNinja.hu, which is a website to help people who decided to go vegan. Among several other features there’s a free, 30 day program that has all the information needed, and vegan recipes for 5 dishes per day for 30 days. A map can also be found on the website with all the vegan and vegan friendly restaurants in Hungary, cake shops, and lots of cafés that offer plant milk for your coffee.

Vegan organizations

I’ve been regularly helping out vegan associations, like MavegVegán Állatvédelem Egyesület, and I offer significant discounts for vegan businesses. I created websites, logos, stickers, pins, posters and flyers and more.

Minden Állatért Alapítvány

Minden Állatért Alapítvány (Minding All Animals Association), as their name implies, rescues all kinds of animals regardless of their age, health or species. What they have in mind for the long run is a farm sanctuary where animals live a happy, healthy long life in the protection of the association. I designed and developed their website and their print materials. We started working together in 2019.

Other organizations I've worked with

I’ve been working with several non-profit organizations as graphic designer either pro bono or for very low prices. Working for them is one of the things I love to do the most, because I get to be creative, and I get to help out in good causes. 

Do you have a vegan business or a nonprofit organization?

I provide big discounts for vegan businesses and nonprofit organizations. If you need graphic design help, get in touch in the contact for below, or via email!