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Petra Vitez


Webdesign and online presence

It can be hard to keep up with the expectations of the digital world and of social media. Too many things to pay attention to.

But when you have a great looking, functional, stable website that you can fill with content in your own pace,  and which is classic and modern at the same time, it makes life easier. 

I make WordPress based, custom websites, that are reliable and easy to manage, and that look great for an extended period of time. You won’t need a redesign anytime soon!  

And of course I can also take care of your other, digital design needs. Besides social media images, newsletters and downloadable pdf-s, I also have experience with mobile game design. 

Printed products

A great book is nice. A great book with a great design is fantastic. 

In design the perfect look is just one aspect. Functionality and usability is essential. When you think of a violin or a kayak, the exceptional and elegant shapes please the eye, but most importantly they are improved to make the perfect sound or shear the water.

When designing a printed product we also have to look at the way people will use it, and the target group, so we create a highly functional product which is good to look at. 

Books, magazines, pamphlets, product packages, custom notepads, you name it, I design it. Get in touch to learn more!

Logo and branding

Branding is what makes your company stand out from the crowd. Branding is what makes your customers and fans recognise you. It’s your logo and all the visual elements you use, as well as the ways your organization communicates.

When producing content, verbal communication is key, but with non-verbal tools you can say so much more. 

I design logos in several styles, depending on your needs. 


Animals are so different yet so similar to humans, that’s why we love them so much. They are sweet, wholesome, funny and interesting – they are my favorite thing to draw. The other thing is plants – people’s love for them proves the inalienable bond between humans and nature. We bring them in our living space, we give them as gifts, we draw and paint them. And of course we eat them.

Let’s talk about what you have in mind! Let’s make your pet famous!